Apple Wireless Keyboard for mac review

Here’s an in-depth review of Apple’s Wireless keyboard for mac, which now ships with every desktop mac. I recently exchanged my standard mac keyboard for the wireless keyboard and can confirm that it works beautifully. At two thirds of the size of a standard keyboard and without the former’s USB cable, my desk is a tidier place. Installation was a breeze and together with the magic mouse, I haven’t experienced any bluetooth glitches. In the review, the author suggests that one drawback is the lack of integration with iOS, which given the number of iPad and iPhone users, would give it a wider appeal. If there is one minor thing that I miss its a forward delete button in addition to a backspace key, which I find myself instinctively reaching for. Given the selling points of this keyboard for mac, however, this is a relatively insignificant complaint, that wouldn’t stop me recommending this keyboard to anyone looking for a portable, wireless keyboard for mac.

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